Caro Nilsson

Caro Nilsson is an impressionistic painter and muralist based in Salt Lake City. She likes to think of her work as a 'doorway', an invitation to remember the magic that is humming along unnoticed for most of the time.

Rooted in traditions of impressionism, Caro’s paintings depict worlds in which the act of observation (beyond just that of sight) plays a role in their creation. By simply noticing magic within the mundane, the world that we live in becomes full of mystery and excitement, a world of hidden stories, meant to be uncovered by those who take the time to listen. Caro was born in Vancouver, Washington and has spent her entire life building relationships with the land in America’s endlessly variable biomes- and translating those feelings and findings into paintings.

Remembering to Pay Attention

At its heart, Caro's work is about a personal relationship with landscapes, and all the human and non-human influences within them.

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