Autumn Priestley Ceramics

Autumn Priestley is a climber and potter based in Northern California. In addition to selling her work, she teaches pottery wheel lessons.

She started climbing the same year she started working with clay, initially viewing the timing as mere coincidence. However, upon reflection she recognizes in that time a yearning for a deeper connection to her body. She observed that most societal pursuits encourage a disconnect of the mind and body, and at times, particularly for women, a distrust of the body. She finds that climbing, like pottery, brings her into a deeper connection with her physical body, and as a woman discovers newfound trust in her body’s capability.

Her work attempts to embody these principles, emphasizing concepts of wholeness, mindfulness, and deliberate living. She believes supporting small businesses to be an endorsement of a more intentional lifestyle and way of consuming. While acknowledging that handmade pottery is not a necessity, she sees it as a counterbalance to the frenetic pace and consumer-driven ethos of contemporary society. Handmade pottery, by its very nature, embodies slowness, meticulousness, and physicality. She hopes to imbue these deeper values into functional, day to day pieces, instilling a sense of mindfulness and presence in those who would engage with them.

She enjoys all types of climbing, but most enjoys trad and multi pitch. Like climbing, Autumn views mastery of pottery not as an attainable endpoint, but as a lifelong journey.

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