Noah Bressman

Meet Dr. Noah Bressman, a fish biology professor at Salisbury University in Maryland who uses the power of science to create trippy works of art. Noah was born with an undying, inexplicable passion for fish, which led him to pursue a career in fish biology and lifelong hobby of fishing. Currently, Noah has caught 454 different types of fish on hook and line. With all of that fish diversity literally in hand, he began researching how the different forms of fish led to their different functions and behaviors. By using a biochemical technique called β€œclearing and staining”, Noah explores the anatomy of different fishes (and other small critters) by dying the skeletons of fish and dissolving everything else away. While this leaves a highlighted skeleton great for studying fish anatomy, it also creates vibrant biological images in the process, to which Noah adds a little digital flare. With his artwork, Noah helps to share these funky fish around with the world with the hopes of educating the public on why fish are so cool! Noah has curated a selection of his favorite pieces for Outdoors Commune (some of which he loved so much that he literally tattooed them to his body) on high-quality canvas prints that can bring some scientific beauty to your home.

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